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Reflexology in Pregnancy

I am an advanced maternity reflexology practitioner which enables me to support 'mothers to be' from the moment of conception, the first and second trimester right through to the third trimester and labour day.

Maternity Reflexology can help a woman deal with the physical, emotional and hormonal changes of pregnancy and childbirth. The techniques used are very gentle and calming and help the expectant mother to connect with her baby. It is a safe and supportive therapy and regular treatments may help ease any side effects or discomfort that may arise at this time. It can help to balance and harmonise your whole being enabling your pregnancy to be a positive experience and prepare you emotionally and physically for the birth of your baby. Reflexology can be used in the three stages of labour working on specific reflexes in the feet or the hands. On labour day, I can also share some self-help hand reflexology tips for your partner to use to support you.

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